By Antares Barcelona
Aug. 18, 2023

Barcelona’s excellent reputation as a health hub

Barcelona’s excellent reputation as a health hub


Barcelona is rightly renowned for many things: architecture and art, festivals, the Mediterranean waterfront and of course its gastronomy and cultural flair. Perhaps less widely known is the city’s excellent reputation as a health hub, and that medical expertise is the focus of this week’s newsletter.

Wellness is at the heart of Antares too. Residents have unique access to 1000 square metres of state-of-the-art wellness facilities including a gym, an indoor pool with jacuzzi, hammam and sauna and the meditative calm of our signature yoga pod.

Take a tour on our website which we’re thrilled to announce recently received the Red Dot Award, an international design competition celebrating the best of the best. The website is your ideal introduction to the facilities and homes at Antares.


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Barcelona’s excellent reputation as a health hub

Health for today


Medical tourism, both for physical health and mental wellbeing, is predicted to grow at 14% annually between 2023-27 and Barcelona is at the forefront. The World Health Organisation placed Spain as a top ten location for its healthcare system and in the top three for the highest level of satisfaction with medical care. Orthopaedic surgery, IVF, dentistry and cosmetic surgeries are among the most sought-after procedures in Barcelona, with prices generally considerably lower than in the UK or USA.

Spain as a top ten location for its healthcare system
Placed by The World Health Organisation
Barcelona’s excellent reputation as a health hub
Barcelona Health Hub, Sant Pau

Health for tomorrow


Barcelona is a world leader in digital healthcare, using cutting-edge technologies to provide solutions to global health challenges. The city hosts the Health Revolution Congress, the largest European summit in digital health, and is a hub for digital innovation with investors, pharmaceutical headquarters, hospitals, universities and start-ups all working together. Barcelona Health Hub in Sant Pau, founded in 2018 is the heart of this ecosystem, attracting international talent and innovation to the city.

Barcelona’s excellent reputation as a health hub
A lifestyle based on design and luxury

Barcelona and Antares both provide a lifestyle based on design and luxury, an opportunity to be both global and truly authentic.

Antares Barcelona. Where the sea meets the sky.

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